Friday, March 20, 2009

April 16th

This is an important day for our family! This is the day we will meet our son.

A God-given moment of grace.

Normally, you are told the day and time you will meet with the Thai SW right before you travel, if you are lucky. We had been told they would TRY and get us the info before we left--if they could. And knowing WHEN we would actually get to go the orphanage and meet our son, well, we would find that out when we met with the Thai SW.

We were blessed to receive an email from our agency contact saying we would meet her at 9:30am on April 16th! And then she would take us to our son!! Thank you, Sweet Jesus!

We won't talk about the fact our plane arrives in Bangkok at 12:35am on April 16th, nor that 9:30am is really 9:30pm for us.

I have heard there are St*rbuck's in Thailand........all will be good!!! ;))


Ellie said...

Oh, Megan!! How wonderful, to have that to look forward to! And, yes, there are Starbucks in Thailand!! So excited for you and your special moment on April 16th!! :)

Jen and Jeff said...

Congrats!!! Wonderful news! We are very happy for you! Eager to hear all about your travels!

ps- love the new look of your blog!