Monday, March 9, 2009

Breathe new life into

Well, how is that for a post title! I was tired of putting update into the title over and over again so I checked the thesaurus. This choice made me feel like I was putting a new cheery spin on a same old same old situation. I need all the cheery I can get.

I didn't call the travel agent. I figured if the price is going to go up then we could just go with the shorter notice which would also be more expensive. And I didn't want to know if it was going up so much that we would be more strapped then we already are.

It won't be March anyway, we would need to fly out next Tues. A week from tomorrow. Not quite possible for a family, kids staying behind, husband's job...

We received an email late Friday night from our agency contact letting us know she had an email response from the US Embassy in Thailand visa unit indicating they had not received the documents she sent. This was from Thursday in Thailand and the documents had been mailed the previous Friday by her. She had overnighted them. There was naturally nothing we could do, it was the weekend .

I do know at this time our contact is doing everything she can to help us.

I also know, above all else, our son has known for 1 full year now that he has a family waiting for him.

I also know we just spent 2 weeks getting documents sent from Thailand to the states just to be turned around and sent back same day. All for future families, to make it easier for them. In other words, we are a test case.

As I said on Friday night to my dear hubby......I am done being a guinea pig.

On another note, in very typical guy fashion, I really didn't have much from my hubby as far as where he stood with the frustrations of this situation. Until Friday night. He was able to express to me his thoughts and it is helpful to know I am not alone in hitting maximum patience.

I can without a doubt say...WE want our son home.........YESTERDAY.

Please breathe new life into....



Ellie said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with the Thailand Adopt group! I'll be praying for you and this situation!! How difficult, to have such a LOOONNNGGG wait!! Hang in there! Sounds like you're SOOO close!!!

Shan from the thailandadopt group said...


Sorry your family had to be guinea pigs in adoption procedures!!!
It does sound like you all are almost, almost there thought!
Hopefully airfare will not be jawdroppingly expensive. Take care!

All the best!