Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maybe Baby Steps?

Could it be?

Are we really inching closer?

Might we really get that most wanted *travel call*? Soon?

In adoption-land, there are 2 much anticipated calls of importance. The first is your referral call. This tells you whether your child is a boy or girl, date of birth, a little general info (maybe) or, if you are adopting a waiting child, this call tells you he/she is yours. We have now experienced both kinds of referral calls.

The second call you wait for is the travel call that says your child is coming home on this day (escorted) or you may travel to take your child home.

We WILL experience both kinds of travel calls. We WILL. I do know we will receive that much, muCH, MUCH anticipated phone call.

We WILL rejoice, we WILL give praise to God, we WILL do a dance.....


Our baby steps......the US Embassy in Thailand responded within 2 days to our email and said an officer would review the documents recently received and let us know when the Article 5 is sent. We also received our ICPC approval, which means we will be allowed BACK into our home state with Munchkin #3. Good news for my parents, my sister and brother-in-law who will be taking care of Peanut and Bug!! Thank you, God!!!

And thank you! for praying for us.

How can we pray for you?


Kam said...

Hi Megan! WooHoo! So I have a hard time understanding all of this! And I ask our case worker "K" questions all the time but am never sure what she is saying. We have our has been signed/notarized and sent back to our agency. They have sent whatever docs they have to back to Thailand regarding the referral. Our son is a waiting child at the our process is a little different than others b/c we don't go through the formal approval by the DSDW as some do. Our approval came from TRC in Nov/Dec. Could you explain the steps in more detail that you posted about today? Do you know what will come next for us? I'm sorry to bother you! Just gets so confusing and you clearly know what you are talking about! We are still adoption newbies! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

This is great news! Baby steps are betting than no steps, eh! See you tomorrow.

Manish Sharma said...

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